Clinical Psychologist at LowMed

Jolanie Erasmus is a clinical psychologist at LowMed Health and Sport Performance Centre in Nelspruit. Psychology services at LowMed are offered on an individual and family basis.

Psychology Services offered by Jolanie

Jolanie has a keen interest in hypnosis and especially enjoys how this tool can meet challenges with amazing positive outcomes. She has also helped many pregnant mothers achieve a calm and comfortable birthing process through hypnobirthing.

Other psychology services offered on an individual and family basis include:
  • Life Adjustment
  • Employee Wellness
  • Bereavement therapy
  • Trauma Debriefing
  • Depression, Stress and Anxiety
  • Relationship and Marital therapy
  • Intellectual and Emotional assessments

About Jolanie Erasmus

Jolanie completed a BA and BA Honours degree at the University of Pretoria as well as a Master’s degree in Social Sciences with specialisation in Clinical Psychology at North West University.

She was selected to do her internship at Sterkfontein Psychiatric Hospital, which also included the surrounding clinics in Krugersdorp, Randfontein and Carletonville. This included assisting men and women across the age and race spectrum with different psychological and psychiatric difficulties. She finished her compulsory community service at Barberton Hospital, establishing a psychology department, after an absence of the service for many years. Jolanie is still involved in public service in the mornings and works in private practice in the afternoons.

Jolanie is passionate about her field and enjoys working in a multidisciplinary team. She works daily with an array of healthcare professionals in order to care best for hospital inpatients and outpatients. She understands that although there are similarities between people and their difficulties, no two situations are the same, therefore each client is treated as an individual with an individual treatment plan. She enjoys being able to assist people in empowering themselves to reach their goals and overcome challenges in their lives.

Why do i need a Clinical Psychologist?

Due to the many demands placed on us as a result of everyday stressors or maybe a traumatic past, it is very likely that people will experience psychological unease, which can be very overwhelming and distressing.

It sometimes takes courage to reach out for assistance, but it is a step in the direction of becoming “unstuck” to reach goals and empowering yourself.

Book an Appointment

To book an appointment with Jolanie Erasmus, send us an email on or contact 083 362 0258.