Open Water Swim #1 | Photos 8 October 2017

Open Water Swim #1 | Photos 8 October 2017

Although it was a small turnout for the first LowMed Open Water Swim event at Longemere Dam last Sunday, there was heaps of action to enjoy.

Three competitive races were swum on the day, a 3000m, 1500m and a shorter 400m race. Rico van Greunen (open men) and Thelise Saunders (female veretrans) dominated the longer distance and finished their 3000m in a 39 minutes 15 secondes and 39 minutes 22 seconds respectively. Chris Staples (veteran men) completed his 3000m in 43 minutes 33 seconds to claim a category first position.

Jordyn Minfie (female open) thrashed the 1500m circuit in only 18 minutes, 14 seconds closely followed by Frans Mentz (open men) in a time of 20 minutes, 25 seconds. Ernest Davis won the veteran men division in 21 minutes, 57 seconds while Donne Green took the honours in the female veteran’s category with a time of 25 minutes, 55 seconds.

Michelle Esterhuizen in the veteran female category was crowned the 400m champion with a winning time of just five minutes 46 seconds. Markus Steyn was the junior men category winner in the 400m followed by De Villiers Basson in the open men and Mareli Snyman for the open women class.


3000m Open men

  1. Rico van Greunen

3000m Veteran men

  1. Chris Stapley
  2. Gerrit Engelbrecht
  3. Frans Mentz (snr)

3000m Open women

  1. Thelise Saunders

3000m Veteran women

  1. Ilse Fritz

1500m Open men

  1. Frans Mentz
  2. Ivan Rademeyer
  3. Johan Snyman

1500m Open women

  1. Jordyn Minfie
  2. Erin Goelst
  3. Alice Voigt

1500 Veteran men

  1. Ernest Davis
  2. Ruedi van Rensburg
  3. Garth Snyman

1500m Veteran women

  1. Donne Green
  2. Pamela Thornley
  3. Karen Todd

400m Junior men

  1. Markus Stey

400m Open men

  1. De Villiers Basson

400m Open women

  1. Mareli Snyman

Veteran women

  1. Michelle Esterhuizen
  2. Cordelia Moller


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